Victors & Spoils Wins Harley-Davidson

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According to AdAge, Harley-Davidson has designated a new shop to help it with creative ideas: Boulder's Victors & Spoils. Back in September, the agency put out a creative brief to their network of 1,800 creatives – going after the account unprompted after its split with longtime AOR, Carmichael Lynch.

What a giant F-U to all the naysayers – winning one of the most sought after accounts in the country, no less. The new world order has arrived. Congratulations, V&S.


Huge props. Way to go guys.

Less of a giant F-U, more of an indication of poor judgement on behalf of Harley Davidson, that goes for Oakley too. Victor and Spoils is a disease to the industry FACT! What would you expect from an opportunistic weasel like Evan Fry. I guess in a way it will fix itself, V&S is a model that can not last in a innovative global community, every client they get are "has beens" that want safe and consensus ideas.

CONGRATS v&s! (and IGNORE anyone so cowardly as to resort to full on name calling and then hide behind an anonymous post. and btw way, "eh", why not sign your name so that Oakley & Harley can know what you think of their choices? I'm sure you have enough pull in the industry to sway them)

eh stands for Eric Holder III, son of THE Eric Holder, current attorney general of the united states. My dad also thinks this type of business model is a huge part of the financial decline of our country.

thanks Eric - good of you to sign your name! congrats on your dad's cool job. :)

Thanks for using your name Melissa. Really liking what you've got going on with your website:

Congrats V&S!

Nice job team V&S. Personally, I'm happy to see such a great client come to this area even if some of the jealous, anonymous people around here aren't. Maybe someday we can be a big, happy advertising family that celebrates in each other's victories and competes with quality work instead of petty name calling, but until then my advice is ignore it. Plus, everyone knows EH is just upset because he has a tiny penis.

And just in case people are prone to believing everything they read, I would like to dispel the comment that Evan is a weasel. I'm not quite sure what that's even supposed to mean but I can say that he stayed at my house once and didn't steal anything or kick my dog.

That's all. Sorry if this is too long to be a comment - I'm new to this.

My name is Jeremy Seibold and I work at TDA.

way to go v&s dudes. if anyone can pull Harley away from the mid-life crisis set, they'll be champs. good LUCK!

An American icon. Outsourced? Your country is in the toilet.

Signed a Canadian

I am not all that sure what crowd sourcing will produce in the long term, but I am super excited to have a big brand here in CO. Congrats to everyone at V&S. Great job!

Maybe I should move to canada.

As to whether or not this represents a new agency paradigm or is just a case of a strapped client (fact, not opinion) saying "sure, fine" because of a giant groupon discount waived in their face - who knows. Time will tell, I suppose.

But of this much I am certain:

You can do the most boner-inducing work in the world and it won't matter one iota. Harley wants to use new media to reach beyond their core (who either already own Harleys or are broke due to working class erosion), and you are not going to sell $20k secondary vehicles to 20-somethings that either don't own a vehicle in the first place or don't even drive the cars they do have. There's a reason they started selling the brand as an outlaw lifestyle to square, balding accountants and the like: because they are expensive and superfluous. You can make the argument you need a car. Hard to make an argument that you need a motorcycle.

Huge news. Congrats V&S.

Congrats V&S.

Huge win for a Colorado shop. Crowdsourcing is here to stay in some way shape or form, get use to it.

Innovate or die I guess.

Yes.. good for Colorado regardless of how anyone feels about V&S and crowd sourcing.. now it's up to V&S to deliver and retain this piece of business.


How lame all of this is. a) you all are so happy that a big brand came to Colorado. and b) you're all fighting amongst yourselves. It's so small town its silly.

This is a perfectly healthy discussion, Sumatra. Thanks for your take.

A non crowd-sourced agency grew Victory Motorcycle's business, while Harley lost substantial ground during the recession. Just saying...

People smarter than you:

"Marketing in the future is like sex. Only the losers will have to pay for it."

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