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If you're an outdoor gear head, you be well-served to check out Giantnerd's site. It's best explained in their own words.

"Being a nerd isn’t about pocket protectors and wheezing in front of pretty girls anymore. No, in this day and age it’s about getting stoked on that which is newer, faster, and better across the world that is outdoor sports. And being a Giantnerd® is about sharing your affinity for whatever it is you do with a transparent community of educated peers who all have something to say about it.

Giantnerd® is designed to be the web’s best social shopping community. It’s a place where outdoor enthusiasts can utilize cutting-edge social technology to communicate, cooperate and collaborate with others, ultimately making smart, educated purchases in a hive minded community. It’s a transparent environment where members have the opportunity to share knowledge, opinions, and ideas about products among like minded gear nerds who are essential to a positive social shopping experience.

Giantnerd® is a coalition of product-savvy members, passionate vendors, and a small group of caring employees dedicated to serving the needs of the Giantnerd social shopping community. Ultimately, everything they do revolves around the best interest of members. Giantnerd is Powered By Love™."


Great copy! I wonder who wrote it!

Reinhard, we are trying to keep you and your awesome work a secret. Shhhhh!

Great branding by C13 too!

Absolutely, it's a great looking site...especially for ecommerce which, in my opinion, is insanely difficult to do in a sexy way.

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