Near-Nude PETA Members Come to Denver Tomorrow

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Start making snowballs now. PETA's "Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign will hit Denver tomorrow. At high noon on the 16th Street Mall at Glenarm Place, PETA's "sexy activists" will cuddle up in a bed on a public sidewalk wearing nothing but their underwear and holding a sign reading, "Fur–Out, Love–In." Enjoy the chilly Denver temps, PETA. Should have scheduled the Denver stop for summer. Bahahahaha.


Even with the sun out, they probably are okay with using excessive energy. Wouldn't surprise me if they have some mobile heat lamps somewhere...

What a pathetic stunt that turned out to be. I popped to the bank and figured I'd walk a few streets down to see the crowds. Or not. One sad excuse for a bed hidden way off 16th Street Mall, two models, one meathead with bluging biceps and a female model wearing...a robe! It's hardly the same...we'd rather wear a robe than wear fur. Pointless waste of time, Peta should rethink their strategy on these stunts.

Accurate PETA Motto of the Day: We're so crazy we should stop being Pathetic Egotistical Tyrants for Animals!

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