In Colorado Springs Church Equals State, Dontchaknow?

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For anyone thinking Colorado Springs might be a neat place to move, we present this outdoor board currently posted roadside in the city to our south. Alone, it seems somewhat innocent. Visit the website they're promoting – where the drivers of this effort ask you to 'imagine a world where discrimination against homosexuals and other minority groups was perfectly acceptable' – and things get a shade creepy. Dig a little deeper and they call out even more unacceptable mores. Is this gonna get flipped on its head as the campaign progresses? Or are they drinking really strong Kool-Aid down in the Springs?


Is it possible that something else is in the works here? Further exploration of the website makes me wonder if this is for real or if its some cleverly-disguised campaign for something entirely different?

"Imagine a world where people never ventured beyond their own circles.
Where community activism was criminalized.
And where citizens were encouraged to never get involved.
Imagine a world where creativity was censored.
Where dissenting opinions were outlawed.
And where individualism was simply unacceptable."

I'm tempted to call bullshit on it

This is obviously done sarcastically.

Yeah...there's no way this could possibly be legit. That being said, I'd love to know who's behind it and what they're pushing.

I'm with you Chris, so I signed up for their mailing list. We'll see what it turns up and I'll give a report later on what I find out.

It does look sarcastic. I signed up for the site too.

Given that the only specific called out more than once is gays, I'm wondering if it's not another "born different" campaign.

can't wait to see what comes of this.

can we get an update on this in the future?

I truly hope that this is some kind of really bad joke the truth of the matter is that some people honestly believe that this is what Jesus taught. And nothing could be farther from the truth.

Those of us in the Springs are looking into this. Let's hope it's a counter campaign to the real haters in town. Will keep everyone updated.
(Know that there are some decent people that live here).

Read the website, it's fairly obvious that it's meant as a jab at the religious fundamentalists who live in The Springs.

No one would honestly try to put forward the notion that "celebrating conformity" or "censoring free expression" were good ideas, at least not by phrasing it that way.

Or, if they did, they're not the sort of people who'd choose a good looking font for their layout. They'd be all about Arial and Comic Sans.

Looks like an effort to combat all the questionable things mentioned, but, that said, I'm confused by the Call To Action.

If this is for real, it's pretty scary.

If it's a joke, it's pretty scary.

If this is for real, it's pretty scary.

If it's a joke, it's pretty scary.

~Scared in COS

Citizen's Project posted these signs to spark conversation. It worked. Now what?

This is so cool! I love the ads and the flip side of this campaign. Like ya'll said, pretty scary to contemplate - and there are so many people who really do believe this! Great organization - great ad campaign!

for anyone interested...

Church Equals State?

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