Denver, According to Westaf's Creative Vitality Index

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These graphics, designed by Rick Griffith and on display at YesPleaseMore presents Test Market: A Fundraiser Benefiting Create Denver at the Denver Pavilions, demonstrate how awesome of a place Denver is – according to our ranking from Westaf's Creative Vitality Index.


If we were truly this cool, we wouldn't need to use numbers to "prove" it. We might be 5% cooler than Austin on paper but you don't see Austin artists trying to prove how cool their city is with posters - they don't have to, it's Austin. The vibe and vitality of a city can't be measured by how many jobs exist in a particular sector - it's an intangible sum of all the parts that gives certain places a special feel.

totally agree. nothing screams "cool" like statistically comparing your coolness.

I think you both are missing an apostrophe. Denver's so cool.

I do admit, "comparison is a tool for the weak", but I thought that it would read sassy/silly/ enough to dodge that bullet...Maybe not.

Isn't estimating you're coolness funny anymore....I'm so out of touch.

Well we try...

The numbers/statistics are facetious. Get it?! Get it?!

The majority of peeps on this site take commenting wayyyy too seriously.

This shit is supposed to be fun. Sometimes you guys forget that.

I absolutely LOVE these, Rick. Fantastic. I'd love to see these posted everywhere. And I think you are probably, roughly 10% cooler than the people complaining about them.... :) LOL. And actually, Austin ran HUGE campaigns ... "Keep Austin Weird." Remember that one? Weird .... cool ... It's all good. I'm glad someone is getting the MESSAGE out! Denver is the place to be.

jeez Rick you're so out of touch.

do you really think humor is the way to get you're message across?


Dear Ms. Taft (apparently not verified)

Not wanting to be prematurely identified as a 'nebbish' or 'petty' stickler for grammar and syntax—I'd like to first draw attention to your use of the "you're" contraction in your previous post.

You're friend, Rick

ps. No, I do not. However, the current political and economic climate demands that I at least try.

I think this is totally fun and funny!

Point is, Denver's creative workforce is important to the economy. It's important that we nurture this community and see it for its value.

Austin can go suck it!

C'mon, Rick, don't you know it's all about being ironic and postmodern?

You should have shown your love of Denver by making posters that are the equivalent of a hipster shrugging and saying "Meh, Denver's better than Sheboygan, I guess."


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