The State of The Square State

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We just did a guest post for AgencySpy that’s popped its head up on their site, boiling down the year we’ve just had in the Colorado agency biz and the year ahead at least some of us are looking forward to. Here’s how it begins:

Denver, like every market, is currently having its creative colon cleansed. As much as anything, the tough economic times have resulted in a changing of the guard here in Colorado over the last year.

In August, one of the largest Denver advertising agencies – 26-year-old McClain Finlon – closed its doors forever. Despite a band of 200 talented people getting screwed in the fallout, it was a breath of fresh air to see the life-sucking Qwest account set sail for DraftFCB in Chicago. (Hope you’re enjoying that one, Chi-Town.)

Did we mention you or your agency in the piece? Go finish reading on AgencySpy to find out.


It’s the usual suspects from the Egotist. Not surprising.

Oh, and you guys failed to mention that Schenkein, one of the biggest PR agencies in Colorado went out of business this week. Doh!

Who should we have talked about that’s worthy of mention, John?

BTW, we didn’t miss the Schenkein deal. Just haven’t gotten to it yet.

“John” made the exact same comment on AgencySpy but with the name “Andrew”

Nice. Glad to see people doing well.

Thanks for the mention and for helping publicize Denver.

Forgot to mention that practically everyone that worked for Texture no longer works at CP+B, hmmmmm wonder why…

I know why!!! texture was a really cool culture, a great place… and CP+B well, um, really sucks to work at. simple.

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