Hirschfeld Leaves 250 Poor Souls Stranded

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We were getting geared up to do our assessment of the demise of National Hirschfeld—a printer that’s been around for 102 years in Denver that days ago announced it will close at the end of the month after declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 250 (likely unsuspecting) people lost their jobs. The folks over at Notchode beat us to the punch, however, writing a well thought-out piece on the matter. So go read that if you want to hear the honest truth.


I hate to say it because I know quite a few people over there that are now jobless, but good riddance. As a print production guy I can’t even tell you how many jobs were screwed up in that plant. Jobs that should have been easy, cake jobs would look like crap on press and take up most of my day press checking.
We pulled all our work from them, met with Barry who promised changes, and as soon as we sent the next job to them it was screwed up.
I hope everyone there lands on their feet – but the company needed to tank.

My friend there had no idea until he got the news.

If anyone needs an account exec / business development person, let me know and I’ll put you in touch.

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