World of A (CP+B) Intern Music Video

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In the battle of camera-wielding agency peons that began with the stomach-turning effort from the A/V dweebs at Chiat\LA, comes the next installment in the series. This one’s out of Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Boulder and features the agency’s 38 interns – with a couple of them rapping epic about life in the clink. Funny Shit.

Thanks, Tyler


i didn’t like this. it made me cry blood from my ears.

Now that would make a great video.

Seems like a pretty obvious place to go. “Hey, let’s rip of Lonely Island and rap about some shit in a funny way.” I expected something way more out there from CP&B (but saying that, I did laugh now and then).

HAHAHAHAHA.. “I got girls on my jock cause I wet electric”. What does that even mean?

Shoot me right in the face.


typical hater comments. good to see some fun work from a group of interns

really…another ironic rap video?

Gay. Just another lame example of CPB egoism. Aren’t you guy sick of yourselves yet? The rest of us are.

Very high-quality production. The interns have an awesome clip for their social media pages and resumes. Good luck to all!

@Kyle You have to admit there are videos out there exactly like this one. Is it still hate if it’s true?


this really does nothing to get rid of the entire industry’s perception that this is a big box filled with fratboys.

The lack of any real insight in this songs lyrics is insanely thin, the only message I am getting is that (unsurprisingly) CP+B people love to brag about how much they work and how great they are. Also what about this message requires it to be so damn long?


i think it’s funny how an intern video could piss someone off so much to feel the need to comment. oops i did it again.

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