Fingerprint Bob Spot Via Futuristic Films and Launch Advertising

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There are a lot of poop-smelling turds on-air during election season. While the script in this spot is about what you’d expect for a political ad (covering all relevant points), the visual treatment is quite stunning – doctored by local mo-graf whiz Adam Singer.

“Fingerprint Bob” is part of a series of League of Conservation Voters advocacy campaign spots highlighting the atrocious record of Republican candidate for US Senate Bob Schaffer. This specific spot focuses on his deep connections to the oil and natural gas lobby.

The campaign was created by Launch Advertising. The broadcast spot, including the shooting of live-action elements, was directed and produced entirely in-house by Futuristic Films, in collaboration with Adam Singer.

Art Director: Suzette McKinnon (Launch)
Writer: Martha Peck (Launch)
Director: Jasper Gray (Futuristic)
DP/Editor: Frank Pickell (Futuristic)
VFX Artist: Adam Singer (Adamator)


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