Microsoft: "Life Without Walls" Outdoor and Print

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This campaign is spreading like wildfire. Here’s a portion of the outdoor and print work from Crispin Porter + Bogusky. You can see more executions here. There’s also a comprehensive web presence to dig through at

Also, funny to note someone named LuisDS looked at the metadata on the video for Microsoft’s new “I’m a PC” commercial and learned that it was made on a Mac using Adobe Creative Suite 3. Seems like there’s a place for both of these platforms in the world, now doesn’t it?

(Via Cult of Mac)


Gates/Seinfeld, I’m a PC, now Life Without Walls? Seems like they’re just throwing everything at the wall to see what will stick.

@Tom Don’t forget that bizarre and short lived run of the “Mojave Experiment” or whatever that garbage was.

Did anyone else see the MS commercial during SNF last night- “I’m a PC”? It could be old, I don’t watch that much TV. I liked it in concept but the production value left a little to be desired. I mean, I get that they were supposed to appear as “real” people, but it didn’t come across that way at all. It just looked poorly made. And is it just me or does “I’m a PC” seem desperate. I think Mac can get away with being rebellious because they are the underdog, they are the younger brother who snowboards and smokes pot. Microsoft is the first born that always does what Mommy and Daddy say. Sure he can drop out of school and backpack across Europe but even the younger brother is smart enough to know he should have stayed in college.

Now I would guess that the reason MS is going after a “younger” market is because increasing sales of Macs amongst college students has them really nervous. They probably have loads of research that indicates that the OS you use in high school or college is the OS you will stick with for the rest of your life with very few people ever switching teams. So to target that demographic MS has countered with this mish-mash of “I’m a PC” and “Windows without walls” stuff that doesn’t really jive and has me confused.

The funny thing is that the Mac commercials are clever, they are a well directed jab at the big brother, but this retort by MS is the equivalent of that pathetic comeback “Your Mama”. It is weak and desperate and instead of appearing cool and rebellious it appears pathetic and laughable.

I think that they could have come up with a quip that would have countered Macs left hook and would have raised the bar. They are after all the older brother mind you. They should act a little more mature. But you can be mature and still be cool. I mean, being in college is not cool. Most college kids are broke. With that information in hand I would have went for something aspirational. Something clever but sophisticated. Something that hints at why you are going to college in the first place. Its a means to an end. I would have then tried to position MS as the end. I would have called my campaign “Microsoft: Graduate”, or something to that affect. Regardless you get the idea. And thats just it, its an idea, a concept, it says something, “I’m a PC” says nothing, except of course desperation.

But hey! I don’t know anything I’m just a consumer. Why would anyone want to listen to the consumer?

I’m also having a hard time following this campaign. If I put all of these in my book, I know a dozen CDs who would say I have no idea how to develop a cohesive campaign. I actually like the idea of promoting Windows and PCs as a more versatile solution to Macs. That one holds up. But can we be less ADD please?

Perhaps with the whole range of audience and target groups, which is everyone, it’s good to develop multiple campaigns that all have a single purpose: changing perceptions.

Brian, I like your idea. I think it appeals to the many business people who use PCs (and, yes, I’m one of them).

OK, this is pretty funny.

First: Go to

This small variance in the URL is funny to me because as I heard people talking about I mistankely typed lifewith…a common mistake I’m sure for this URL.

The person who owns that domain mimics the Blue Screen of Death so common place on a PC – hilarious.

Secondly, when we went to the correct URL and clicked the main feature: “Get into the Campaign” we all received an error saying to install Silverlight. The problem, it doesn’t work on Mac Firefox – LOL. No Plug-ins found.

Ooops. I mean to say Jonathon in the above message. Nice idea, Jonathon.

Wow, that’s focused. As our target group is everyone, we should develop as many different campaigns as possible. If I had tried that in London I’d have been beaten to death with a box of tracing pads.

If you tried that in London, you’d end someplace like Denver…oh, wait.

Ha! Nice one. Actually, my girlfriend (now my wife) lived here, and moving to London wasn’t good for her. So, I moved here, just as I got nominated for my first D&AD. And my London mates are still on my case about it. I don’t think my AD will ever forgive me (although he’s now a CD at Ogilvy so he’s doing just fine).

That sucks, but life trumps work. Win some shit in the colonies and tell your mates to shut it. That goes double if they’re Chelski or Spuds supporters. Go, Gunners. ;)

Does this “life without walls” execution remind anyone else of some previous communitcations company from the past year or two(sorry I forget which one) where they are following a foolball game from the tv to the cell phone to the computer screen? I thought CP&B was smarter and more original than this?

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