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Motive is a hybrid agency. They bring best of breed capabilities in the areas of digital, experiential, and promotional marketing together in ways that are fresh, relevant and focused on results. Clients that hire Motive are typically looking for an agency that can bring some highly creative, non-traditional thinking to traditional business challenges. (How can I find unique channels for connecting with consumers about my brand? How can I turn my street-based marketing into relationship marketing?)

One of the coolest things they work on is “The Dew Report” – a branded entertainment series that ran on Current TV and is currently featured on the Mountain Dew website. The series focuses on uncovering emerging sports that Motive feels have the potential to break into the mainstream. The series is the most watched and most popular video series on Mountain Dew’s website – a site that averages over 750k unique visitors a month. Check out Motive here.


Motive used to be a good shop, now they have no direction and floundering without a vision. When the two founding partners split – it was ugly.

Don’t be surprised if they no longer exist by the end of the year.

The owner should spend less time fraternizing with the employees and more time rebuilding a once solid company.

I think Motive is a pretty darn solid shop. I met with them recently and they seem to be growing like crazy. You don’t hear much about them, especially here, but they do some fun work. It appeared to me that they will be around for a while.

I hope that shit isn't true – I just started here last week and was hoping to be employed longer then the end of the year. We have some serious work in the hopper.

Don’t kill my chances bud!

Thanks for the shout out Egotist. Truly appreciated. We’ve got some cool stuff going on around here and the Dew Report is definitely one of them. If y’all want to check out the cinema trailer we did for it, it’s on You Tube at:

Also, check out some of the work we’re doing for Qdoba at This is just the beginning of a nationwide program that is about to launch.

Thanks again. Oh, and Jared, did you miss the part about this being a three month contract? Sorry pal.

Aren’t you guys part of Morey Evans, or am I confused?

Looks like adults trying to appeal to what the kids will think is “rad”. The kids who really skate would see through this.

Dude…ride a real skateboard. That is the gayest crap i’ve ever seen.


If this is supposed to appeal to the skateboarding community it has totally missed the mark. This is a great example of what happens when someone who is completely out of touch with skate culture attempts to cash in on its popularity. It embodies everything I hate about our industry. I don’t care how much traffic these videos generate. They’re awful.

agreed. skateboarders and anybody in that scene can see right through schmucks trying to cop a dollar from them. try harder next time or don’t bother. disgraceful.

While I won’t disagree about the appeal of this video to hard core skaters, I would suggest that this is not who this is likely targeting. From a marketing perspective, Mountain Dew seems to target more the mainstream, young kids who aspire to be these guys, but aren’t actually them. This is not Red Bull after all. It’s all about the audience.

The skate video is too expected. There is just too much of that shit out there, which is why I can’t believe that I am actually critiquing it – now the cinema trailer works. Pretty cool.

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