The Ad Club Announces 2008 Denver 50 Winners

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One of the winners of this year’s show just emailed letting us know the New Denver Ad Club has announced the winners for the Denver 50 – to the winners themselves. Congrats if you got in. Feel free to send us the work you submitted, regardless, and let us show it off for you right here on The Egotist.


We did not announce all the winners to all the winners. We notified contact people at winning agencies which of their ideas are in the 50 so that they could gather the high-rez art we need for our showbook. The full winners list will not be public until the show 12/2.

Hopefully you mean you guys will just post the work that didn’t get in. Because if you post the work that did get in, that’d kinda kill the intrigue of the show/book.

why is that? if you live in denver, you’ve seen a good chunk of the work anyway.

the book is a pretty memento to market the work coming out of denver and celebrate the winners.

didn’t throw away last year’s cannes cd cuz i’d seen most the big winners.

^^^^last comment directed at user “me”^^^^

Dear TDE, (or anyone for that matter)
What does it mean if your work gets into the NDAC 50, but doesn’t get a mention at the Art Directors show?


In general, I’d say the ADCD rewards great executions and craft, while the NDAC rewards big ideas and branding. But who the heck knows? Different judges like different stuff.

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