Come Back Home, Baby

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Chipotle is looking for a new agency, the company announced this morning. Its $15 million to $20 million business moved to DeVito/Verdi, New York, in January, following a review. It does not appear to be the most amicable of partings.

Damn it, Chipotle, we told you about those wanky New Yorkers. Just hoping you listen this time and bring that account back this way. We could recommend some shops. More story on AdAge.

(Thanks for the link, Mike.)


The recent work for Chipotle seemed like a poor imitation of what TDA was doing for them. It never really works out when a client points and something and says, “Do what that other guy was doing, but not exactly what that other guy was doing.”

It’s like the Lance Armstrongs of the world.. they dump their spouse after becoming famous… the spouse that stuck through all the brand-building, three kids, ups and downs and journey that made them what they are today… Why should clients be any different? If you can move from your non-famous wife to Sandra Bullock, Sheryl Crow, Tory Burch, Ashely Olson (cradle robber) and Kate Hudson… wouldn’t you?

i can’t believe they eliminated a product shot from their billboards. the foil wrapped burrito is iconic.

and if people think they’re only about burritos, they can feature something else on their billboards to reinforce that they’re not a one trick pony. But i would like to see them expand their menu a little anyway. like better appetizers, or the ability to make better quesadillas.

i’ll handle the account. and i’ll do it all for free chicken bowls.

Heck, we’ll throw down for this one.. and if they throw-in Ashely Olson, we’re fo sure.

I can do the media buying and all I need for compensation is chicken fajita burritos and every once in a while…a quesadilla.

Man, give me a lifetime supply of burritos and I’ll give you a lifetime supply of ads. I’m addicted to that place…hence my complete lack a Michael Phelps physique.

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