Audi A4 B8 Microsite Via Factory Design Labs

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Factory Design Labs has been hard at work for Audi on a number of sharp-looking executions, including websites, brochures, banners, point-of-sale, video and iPhone apps and games. Our favorite in the mix is the new microsite they created for the A4.

With Audi’s biggest product launch in decades, the entirely new A4 is showcased in a revolutionary microsite. With the tag line, “Progress is beautiful,” the microsite utilizes motion and sound design to create an environment that highlights the best features of the car and brings them to life. A4 banners, television commercials, direct mail and emails created by FDL and partner agencies, FUSE and VB+P, are designed to drive traffic to this microsite.


New Audi’s make me curious and excited for vehicle designs, which has gone beyond bdoy shape alone, in the future. The headlights are simply beautiful.

Kinda depressing in a good way :)

my only problem with this campaign is that the iphone game is much too difficult. the audi a4 is supposed to handle like a dream, the beauty of german engineering, and all that jazz.

In the game, it’s impossible to drive the car without crashing. Which isn’t such a good thing when you’re peddling a high performance automobile.

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