Soft&Furry™ Getting Really Interesting

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The crew at cypher13 has been getting their DIY artist series custom toys back from the illustrators working on them around the world and they’ve posting shots of the impressive products on their blog, joyengine. The first 100 Soft&Furry toys will be officially revealed on September 13th at Denver’s Plastic Chapel. Should be a great show.


Fuckin right. Its a pretty ambitious move they’ve made, especially being that they designed, built and shipped the toys, contacted all of the artists set up the show and have more to come according to super secret resources.. They seem to be running the whole project quite flawlessly if you ask me. Good job gentlemen! Hopefully others may find your work as inspiring as I do…

good thing joyengine had markham on call in case the logo contest entries didn’t pan out to their liking.

Are you sad you couldn’t play?

toys look fun, albeit a little too similar to each other. would have been nice if they built them in CAD and had them resin’d out cause they are a little wrinkly. still nice, and i have to remember that just because thats the way i would have done it doesn’t make it the right way.

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