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There’s some inspired interactive, print and apparel design in the portfolio of Denver’s Sean Herman. Be sure to pop by his site for a look.


While it’s not my intention to degrade Sean’s work in anyway, I think it’s only fair to note that the Mad Greens website shown above is not Sean’s to claim. I art directed (with Mease and Irwin from the former HIM Creative) and more specifically designed the site myself. There’s certainly some exception, as it seems Sean may have done some production work towards the end of its completion, but the description on his site of his involvement on this project is very misleading.

Give credit where it’s due man!

Sean has the eye for design so no disrespect to a young buck in this flourishing community, but how is it that this kid is getting love on this site when so many other super talented people get tore apart when they send a link in to TDE? Consistency is a strength for some, and my friends, it is obviously your weakness.

Im lost Sean? Are you saying you’re not a designer by trade? Also, what is there not to care about. We need more passionate people here. Credit should always be given and if you were not aware that someone else helped on the project, it is your PM or AD’s fault. Odd system you must have worked under at HIM.

I heard Sukle had this account? Or maybe it was Noodles? Either way, interesting stuff.


Please realize there are a number of individuals contributing to The Egotist who don’t consult each other before making posts. If you notice inconsistencies in what we put up, that’s the reason.

I have seen a lot of personal portfolio sites from other Coloradans that are as good or better but for some reason this makes your front page? I wonder if Sean is the new Egotist, could be a coincidence… I guess? Scratches head

Hey Sean. Really dig your works! Don’t pay attention to the HATERS. Your MySpace Rocks also.

Yo, you madd irreverent son, yeah boyeee.

ummm. for some reason I cant get to the work???

Sean seems to care less about showing his work than he does participation… Interesting move on his part to put up a silly little splash page in defense. Im not sure its to his benefit or TDE for showing him on the site. Lets hope this isn’t the best reflection of the young Denver design community.

Maybe we should have a college portfolio submission post. Where all of the AIC and RMCAD and Metro kids show their best stuff. See who is about to hit the streets. Help people shine instead of the latter.

Wow. You guys are cutthroat, there is always someone out there better than you…that just the way the world works. It looks like Sean was the first to recognize this. Sean, you have a solid portfolio for a young designer, keep it up. Nice skate vid on your myspace by the way, clean style.

Sean is a great designer, with a great personality. He works hard, and the result is quality.

While Sean did contribute heavily on the production side of the Mad Greens site, if he was unaware of the fact that Pete Barnett did the initial heavy-lifting, than I guess I will take the blame for that.

Sean is definitely not the type to try to take cred for something he didn’t do.

everyone happy now? good.

You must not want to get any new projects? Seems kind of strange you would email someone like the Egotist and then say you want to keep your work to yourself? Doesn’t really seem like the deal to me. I think something a lot of young designers forget is that we all get grilled now and again. You have to learn to roll with the punches man. Critique is half the game. I think taking your work down made you look inexperienced and shallow. You gotta stick to your shit and take feedback when its available. There will always be someone envious or critical of your work.


yo, you mad provocative mease.

The work: Technically really good stuff. However, it’s not anything that necessarily stands out because the styles are done a lot.

The responses: Childish, immature, thin skinned.

Analysis: A young artist still searching for a way of looking at the world that’s unique, and like every artist in that position, until that perspective is found he’ll cop other styles that he digs and blow them out of the water.

The sad realization for most visitors to this site: They’re not artists, even though they fancy themselves such. This kid could be what they can’t be, and they don’t like it. Of course, the flip side, at 22 the haters were the same as him.

Advice: Watch the path you step on.

Good luck, grasshopper.

Hi Sean!

I liked what was posted but FAILED to navigate the site. I think his site was making fun of me to other sites.

Denver designers… are a bunch of Haters! If you aren’t part of the “circle” then you work is weak. Unfortunately, most of the “circle” duplicates what has been done for years but is somehow at the forefront of the design community here in Colorado. I wouldn’t stress man… Keep on remaining passionate about what you do and continue to do it. I like what I see.

I think what it comes down to is people are confused as to what standards TDE follows when posting work. They knock people left and right and then praise work which sometimes feels very average. And I’m not directing this towards Sean, if Mease likes you then you must be a stand-up guy. But every time this comes up, TDE always says, well that’s what happens when there’s multiple authors on a blog, which is a pretty watery excuse in my opinion. I don’t agree with the anonymity here, kinda seems like the hype is over. But as I’m sure this single posting won’t change that, my suggestion is to give the contributors monikers so we can see which anonymous person writes which disagreeable anonymous posting. Maybe each month we can vote someone off!

I agree with Pete. The lack of consistency here is rather annoying. Label the authors so we the public can figure out who the ‘tard is amongst you, even if we don’t know who the ‘tard is in reality.


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