What Happened to Rod Smith?

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A new spot for BlackJack Pizza showed up in our inbox, right next to the Lillian Vernon catalog. It’s created by Tucson’s Dog Dog Boy advertising. In our humble Egotist opinion, it’s better than the old Rod Smith stuff, but is it as good as it could be?

Now, BlackJack has a number of locations in Tucson, but following our current rant about Colorado businesses going elsewhere, it seems that a company started in Colorado might enjoy a Colorado agency?

Additionally, we were wondering what the hell recommended copywriter talent Tom Van Ness is doing as the scientist on the left. So we asked him. Turns out the agency found him and the rest of his improv pals at Impulse Theater and asked them to send in audition tapes, thus landing roles in the new spot.

Love it? Hate it? Think you could do better?


I laughed. the scientist reminds me of an incredibly high-strung john hodgman. and the rest of the bad acting fell right in the sweet spot of “good” bad acting.

The guy got dumped AND now his breath smells like salami? What a loser…

Well they’d better not try this ‘fun stuff’ in Europe.

anyone who thinks this spot is good should not be working in advertising.

You may idolize Roger Moore, I fancy Tom Van Ness.

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