Oh, Pretty Places

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New work for a new client, courtesy of Cultivator. From the press release:

A breaking real estate advertising campaign, the first work by CULTIVATOR ADVERTISING & DESIGN, Denver, for its new client, Red Ledges, LLC, Heber City, Utah, makes the most of some spectacular landscape photography. It has to. The homes are not yet built.

The advertising idea is to juxtapose the scenics (in which viewers must imagine a home) with headlines that are grounded in the familiar. One ad reads, “The Beaten Path stops here.” Another: “Going back to a kinder, Gentler Era isn’t possible. So we’ll just have to create our own.” Additionally, small, decorative photos of indigenous plants bridge the gap on the page between images of existing land and text describing the as yet unbuilt homes.

The ads are nice, but we’re even more impressed with the photography, which has credits going to the – get this – client. Of course, the real magic wand is Armando Martinez, re-toucher Mando-matic, here in town. Nice work.

We’d be curious to see a before and after of the clients’ photography. We’ve all been in presentations when the issue of original photography arises and the client assures you, “Oh, we’ve got a guy we use,” which usually translates to “My brother-in-law took a photography class back in junior college. He has a camera. You will use him.” It ain’t cool.

Anyhoo, these are some purdy pictures. Good job to the crew at Cultivator.

CD/AD: Chris Beatty
CD/CW: Tim Abare
CW: Sarah Sibley
Photographer: Client
Digital: Armando Martinez, Mando-matic


The layout is classic Denver.

I think the first ad could be pared down to the following:

“Nature hides her best places.
We exploit them.”

Oh, for some reason the third ad has the body copy from the first ad.

Frame these ads, brotha. Once this developer is finished, the place will never be the same.

I think this is some nice work in an industry that can be very difficult to market for. Its not easy branding dirt… even if its good looking.


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