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This just in from the Denver Business Journal.

The Democratic National Convention Committee on Thursday gave an Arvada woman the contract to design the credentials for the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

Kristi King, a graphic designer, will use images and landmarks reflecting Denver’s history. The convention will be held in Denver in August.

The contract with King is the first time since 1972 that the DNCC has hired a local designer to produce the credentials.

Pretty juicy assignment for a designer not even the president of AIGA has heard of. Can anyone shed some light on this for the rest of us?


After Obama is elected President the political fucks will start to do like Obama. i.e., they’ll hire reputable firms with talented designers instead of ending up with whatever hacks are the most politically connected.

Obama understands that you don’t engage designers the same way you hire A/V guys, button printers or airplane tickets.

Quit acting so important. A small, local, most likely independent (though I know nothing about her either), designer gets a large contract and instead of applauding everybody shits on it. I so tired of the cynicism (though I’m also pretty damn tired of political pandering as well).

Andy, what do you care if Kristi got this job b/c she’s connected? Almost everyone I know got their job through a connection. You should know that the best Mr. Freelance. You technically don’t work for a reputable firm, so you’re saying you’d decline the work?

Also, you really think the way politicians hire agencies and design firms will change with Obama? Wake up, it’s politics – dollaz are more important.

Don’t be so quick to judge – at least wait until the work comes out to hate.

BTW. I heard the Button Printers are pissed and comin after you.

I really think we should be applauding the fact the work is going to someone here in Denver. We can’t complain on both sides of the fence guys. It could have gone to some politically connected designer in DC (which I’m really surprised it didn’t). There are plenty of people here in Denver making those decisions so that probably had something to do with it. Either way, the work is staying here.

Obama has nothing to do with it… but if you really think things will change for the better if he’s elected…boy this country is in worse shape than I even thought. Hiring a good design firm, like he did for his campaign, can’t change the the problems he’ll cause.

But I digress.

Congrats Kristi King. Represent Denver well!

All I asked the Egotist is do you know who she is? I’d like to know. That’s a huge win and whoever she is, she should be very proud of herself.

You guys all bitch constantly about all the good work going out of town. Look at the scoreboard—it’s staying here this time.

Thank you, Mindy Nies! For being another voice on this blog that points out the constant, incessant negativity exhibited by this blog’s commenters.

All I know about Ms. King is what I was able to find online: a lifelong Coloradan with 20 years graphic design experience, who has done work for the DMCVB (Denver Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau) and Museo de las Amercias.

I think it’s fantastic that for the first time in 36 years a local designer got the work. I think that, for the past 36 years, they’ve been hiring politically connected firms. This is the exception, so we should be happy.

Also, Bosselman, it’s very unlike you to be so vitriolic, vulgar, and negative. You’re normally critical but you know where to draw the line between criticism and petty bitching. What happened this time? That and your points are usually salient, this one makes no sense whatsoever.

Brace yourselves fellow egotists, I’m here to be a voice of reason. (Yes, me.)

It can be frustrating when someone who is pretty much a complete unknown (even the president of AIGA here hasn’t heard of her) gets a high-profile gig like this.

Let’s be productive about it. It is a HUGE coup that it’s someone local. For that, we should be happy.

One thing I challenge Ms. Nies and The Egotist to do is to discover what the selection process is for work, so more of the designers here can throw their hats into the ring. I’m sure designing the credentials isn’t the only thing the DNCC will need designed.

Exactly, Hack Boy. I’d like to know her process through all of this and follow her as she designs these materials for the DNC. I think it would be very interesting and beneficial to other designers to watch her as she works through this high profile engagement.

Point(s) taken. It didn’t come across this way in our language (we now realize), but more than anything we’re just surprised by who the work was awarded to – someone you can find little to no information about online. No website? No bio? No nothing? It’s a bit strange you have to admit.

Um, I posted this once before, but it looks like it got lost, or killed. Here it is again:


has been working in the Queen City for a long time as a designer(I suspect she would have me knocked off if I told you how long, exactly);

has a lovely scottish terrier named Elvis;

among other things, designs the Denver Metro Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Guide quarterly, or more often, when they do special editions;

and I believe was a designer or other associated graphic professional at Westword long ago, back when the primary method of distribution for each issue was having Patty Calhoun wrapping them in bricks and throwing them through Bill Husted’s window each week.

Kudos to her for getting to do the credentials. I did my share of concert credentials way back when, and (providing the promoter wasn’t a total dick) they could be fun and creative projects. Since we’re such a sports-crazy town, I hope that Kristi is able to sneak either John Elway’s enormous teeth on there, or perhaps the background could be a screen of one of Allen Iverson’s tats. Whaddya think?

Good for her. I would have killed for that gig.

I probably was quick to judge; it’ll be interesting to see the work that comes from somebody no one has ever heard of.

As for the Obama reference, I think we can all agree that nearly all design for political campaigns is clunky and tedious. (See the world’s top designers and typographers talk McCain’s use of the typeface Optima here).

By 2012, I expect that campaign operatives across this land will look at the Obama ’08 campaign as a good example. Obama’s use of strong design reinforces the best things about the candidate and his ideals. I think that other campaigns will start to see the value of design and do whatever it takes to get some for themselves.

Congratulations Kristi!
The world is watching…no pressure.
If you need a new BFF to help you out I’ll be right here polishing turds until the economy turns back around, I can’t wait to continue the career in design I went to school for…8 years ago.

awesome-o for keeping it on the home team!

For the record, Kristi King has done outstanding design work for the convention bureau for more than a decade, as well as work for the city, Mayor Hickenlooper, and many, many other arts and cultural organizations. No one has produced more printed materials, brochures, guides or sales pieces on the Mile High City than she has…many of which have won national tourism industry awards. She has access to more than 5,000 Denver images and has worked with dozens of city photographers to help obtain those images. She donates hundreds of hours of free design time a year to help market Denver and various other non-profit museums and attractions. With her help, Denver’s tourism industry has had its two best back-to-back years ever, seeing double digit growth both years, while becoming the second largest industry in this city, generating $2.8 billion in annual spending. She also was responsible for the design and preparation of Denver’s bid book for the 2008 DNC — a spectacular bid book that beat out 35 other cities to give Denver the right to host this convention in the first place. If AIGA doesn’t know her…maybe that says something about AIGA.

Congratulations, Kristi. I know nothing about her, but being a woman, chances are pretty good that she has a rocking portfolio of work, maybe done in a big city. Maybe she got married, had kids, took some time off of the career. Maybe now she has time on her hands. You just never know, do you?

Maybe she just a normal person, a good designer that doesn’t have to put herself out there and constantly have her ego stroked to know she’s good?

I think it’s great that she landed the gig and it does say something about AIGA that we are at least interested in who she is and what she’s doing. After all, she’s clearly a winner.

Maybe the work will be good. Maybe it will stink. We’re hoping for the latter. We’re Republican.

I’m sorry Liz, but I have to call you out on this :

“Kristi. I know nothing about her, but being a woman, chances are pretty good that she has a rocking portfolio of work…”

Please, please, explain to me how being a woman, or a man, increases or decreases one’s likelihood of having a rocking portfolio?

I know hundreds of men and women who suck at design. And that is the most ignorant statement I have read on here in quite some time.

Enlighten us.

Something to remember: this client is a big-ass committee of people, each with connections. As a [insert ego-stroke here] Pollie award winner {end ego-stroke] I can tell you that doing print work for large political organizations is a constant battle between the designer’s vision, the cliques of special interests within the client faction, and the forces of time and deadlines…hopefully the best solution for the end-goal wins out.

Joe, what I meant to say was that she probably got the job because she has a rocking portfolio, as opposed to because she’s a woman.

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