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VCU, Miami Ad School, Creative Circus, Portfolio Center and all you other half-baked poser institutions can suck one of Ralphie’s warm, lactating teets. This year, the print category for the One Show student competition received 376 entries from schools around the world, and CU Boulder’s own team of Elliot Nordstrom and Phil Van Buren took home the gold pencil for their campaign titled “Doritos. There is Only One.”

The brief they worked against challenged students to “celebrate Doritos’ larger-than-snack status by making Doritos advertising that is as iconic as the chips themselves. This is not a conventional snack advertising assignment – treat your brand and product like an icon. Use the three unique product attributes – intense flavor, loud crunch, triangle shape – assumptively. You don’t need to tell anyone how crunchy and delicious Doritos are, you just need to revel in how awesome they are.”

Find the full brief here if you’re interested.

If you have any further doubts about the quality of the ad school at CU or the head-turning talent they’re molding, please refer to the list of the previous five years of student One Show award winners.

Anybody want to talk to these guys about a job out there? We should bust our asses to keep them here in Colorado. Drop us a line and we’ll put you in touch.


For those of us that did graduate from CU’s stellar program, this is not new news, it has been great for a while now. Glad to see you guys post a little props.

WOOOHOOO! Way to go guys. As a grad of CU and a pencil winner from last year, makes me damn proud to see my baby buffaloes representing.

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