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New print work from Cactus for Knudson is featured on CA Exhibit online. Knudson is a Broomfield-based company specializing in roll forming machinery (essentially gutter, framing and roofing biz). We love the beautiful photography from Denver photographer John Johnston. Of the four ads in the campaign, the smartest headline is “Solves more problems than even an architect can create.” It gets at the mindset and attitude of the audience – hard-working guys that use the machinery every day to execute the plans of desk-jockey architects. The other three headlines are nice, but more expected – celebrating the longevity of the well-built machines. Solid work for a less-than-sexy client.

(Via ADCD Graffiti)


I’d have to agree with our friend(s) the Eogtist about the best headline. this is a nice little two ad campaign. The other two ads are simply a regurgitation of one another. I get it, it lasts.

This campaign would be even better if it would be four ads focusing on four benefits. Right now it’s one really great ad focusing on one benefit and three average (and overdone) headline executions focusing on a second benefit.

Push it a little more and the whole thing could be killer.

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