Super Talent, Please Come Home

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Local motion graphic rock star, Adam Espinoza, recently sent us a note to check out some other wicked talent who used to live in Denver – now lighting up other cities around the country. We’re pumped to see these guys killing it, but bummed that they set sail.

What’s up, fellas? When you comin’ home to mama?

Evan di Leo
Shaun Collings
Josh Childers


I would wish we only post high end work.

Don’t forget Ryan Carver of Pure Brand, now ripping it up at EVB in San Francisco, art directing stuff like Mindfreak.

What ever happened to Cleverguy McTalentpants? I heard he moved to NYC.

Good to see Shaun Collings getting some props (whether he lives in Denver or not). I went to school with him at UCD and not only is he incredibly talented, but he’s also a super cool, modest dude. Hopefully he’ll get homesick and end up back here someday soon.

Don’t Forget about Non-Formula, Antonio Cicerelli, He’s been holding it down in Cali since ’03. Peep at

Antonio Cicerelli :)Does anyone here work in Mograph ? If so, your thoughts. It’s included in Cinema 4D but never messed with it.

what does the mograph module have to do w nonformula?

I know nothing about motion graphics. It just came to mind when I saw he worked in C4D.I was just wondering if any of you guys use it. BTW Espi I like your work a lot.

thanks palmer.
mograph is a fun module.

heres some nice mograph madness

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