How to Attract Big-City Talent to Small Towns

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Interesting op-ed piece in Ad Age from Joe Erwin, president of Erwin-Penland, an advertising and marketing firm in Greenville, S.C. that’s part of Hill Holliday.

(Via Bosselman)


Fuck big city talent. Step up your own game. Raise the collective bar for others. Local growth comes from within your own community it shouldn’t require the addition of big names existing outside of it. Those that wanna be part of a scene full of big city talent – should move to one.

After having done many many years at the big Madison Avenue agencies in Manhattan, I have to ask why you’d want to recruit those guys? Most of them are prima-donnas, self-serving, and ready to bolt for the hot new account or promotion. You look for an agency culture in NYC and it’s impossible to ascertain since everyone is constantly moving around.

The key to Denver is to find the right people for your agency and then nurture & grow that talent. It’s from that that an agency becomes great. Recruiting in some hot-shot is most likely just going to be a waste of resources (money) and frustrating for everyone involved. Get someone that wants to be there and you’re already ahead of the game.

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