The Mojave Experiment: More CP+B Microsoft Work?

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Well, lookie here what our friend Grinder spotted on Geekologie. No mention of Crispin Porter + Bogusky in their post, but here’s what they’re saying about the video.

This is a hidden-camera video released by Microsoft in which they had Vista naysayers that had no previous hands-on experience with the operating system take their latest OS, Windows Mojave, for a test drive. But it was really Vista in disguise!

Interesting and very subtle release of this campaign being spurred by CP+B. We think. Here’s the accompanying site if you want to dig deeper. Report back if you find anything interesting.


2008 – the year of hidden camera commercials.

god no kidding, is it possible for a cb+p campaign to at some point NOT include a hidden camera? BK, VW and now Microsoft?

I took your advice and went exploring. One click and I couldn’t go further I was laughing so hard.
I took the first logical path for info and clicked “What you may not know” and the very first piece of information read Microsoft studies have shown Windows Vista users are 60% less likely to be infected by maleware than users running Windows XP SP2.
Translation: Vista is 60% now less sucky than the las OS we jammed down your throat.

And come on CP&B enough with the fucking hidden camera shit. You’re fast becoming a one trick pony whoring your name for cash.

Well the reason Microsoft has so many security problems hinges on its popularity. If Mac becomes the most common OS it too will become the OS infected by all the evils of the internet.

But the fact is, Apple is not superior to Microsoft. They both have a lot of issues, and its great that they BOTH exist. If there was no competition, there would be much less drive for innovation.

Try fixing your registry on a Mac sometime.

Don’t forget about the Coke Zero lawyer spots they with a hidden camera.

WFT Bogusky?

It time you stopped drinking the Kool-Aid. CP+B had a decent concept here but completely failed in deplying an execution with any credibility. Take a look at

CP+B seems to only have 1 decent campaign for every 10 or so it does. Another example of what agencies are really best at…. nothing more than their own marketing hype…..


Have to agree, this seems fairly obvious and weak to me. Plus, we really don’t know how many people tried Mojave and thought it was ass. I’m still interested in the full on CP&B campaign though. IF there’s one thing Crispin does exceptionally well, it’s to focus on product.

Those people were so totally drugged with dark, sparkling Folger’s Crystals.

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