Monty Miranda Hits It Big-Time

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For the past couple of years, local director, Monty Miranda has been touring the film festival circuit with his first full-length feature, SKILLS LIKE THIS, raking in such accolades as Best of the Fest Selection for the Edinburgh International Film Festival and two Audience Awards at SXSW. Monty has informed us, they have now secured theatrical distribution. The US theatrical release will happen on March 20, 2009 at the Angelika Theater in New York City.

Monty credits his support from the Denver ad community for allowing him to hone his film making skills through the great creative projects on which he was able to work. Fear not, he will continue to be available to direct more killer TV spots as he has signed on as part of the team at BeachHouse Films in Santa Monica.

Congratulations on all your success Monty, and thanks for acknowledging those around you in Denver as integral to your success.


I’ve seen the film, it’s great and it’s great to see it finally getting a theatrical release! I’m happy for my friends that worked on the film. One note though: Monty’s a director, not a producer.


Thanks for the correction. Monday hit us hard, but that’s no excuse. Noted and changed.

Congrats Monty. Enjoy smell-la.. Worked with Beachhouse once on a Coors Light spot.. Nice working with the BH Team. Always enjoyed working with you on various projects..



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