15 Mistakes Designers Make

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The focus of the piece is on apparel and music designers, but it’s relevant to all.

1). Not charging enough
2). Ignoring typography
3). Unprofessional behavior

Go read the details and see the rest of the list at GOMEDIAZINE.

(Thanks for the link, Adam)


Here’s an additonal mistake that most designers make: #16 Selling yourself out and making financial compensation more valuable than the design itself. Sell the idea, the concept, the design, not yourself.

A few observations about the music biz.. I own a small label with a few synthpop artists. I’ve had bands that insist on doing their own art.. usually it less than professional. Great musicians aren’t always great graphic artists.

I always jump at an opportunity to do an occasional cover for a band.. or one of my own. Why? Because music cover art is digital masterbation. It’s the closest you can get to fine art and having not too many restrictions on creativity.. considering our daily routine for paying clients. (with exceptions of course).

I do album art free.. just for the fun of it.. Those that know me know I never ignore type.. it’s the first rule of great design… design your type… now about the professionalism.. I have to be professional all day.. album art is on the weekends and evenings.. doing one right now.. And I have to tell you.. I’ve spent four months just on the logo.. on and off.. but making it right.. considering all the options on my own clock.. when I feel it’s right… and when it’s done.. it’s done.. it’s the closest I can ever get to creating fine art.. disguised as graphic commercial art.

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