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Say what you will about the New Denver Ad Club blazing new trails with its annual award show, but the press from outside our market is consistently positive for the concept. Check out what AdPulp had to say about the show. And keep cranking on worthwhile work. The competition will inevitably be more intense this year.

By the way, what do the rest of you think of the idea behind The Denver 50?


I don’t know but the wheels came off for me there when he said “Factory Design Labs is a firm I know little about.” Hmmmmm.

And no mention of TDA? Hmmmmm.

Maybe you should send a CA annual along with the 50 next time so he can brush up.

David, I appreciate the fact you are willing to have this discussion, proclaiming about how you don’t get the 50 on every available thread. But I am done. TD50 is the most innovative, competitive show concept in the country. It has received favorable press across the Internet, from AdPulp to AdRants. And it has given our market a PR tool that we have used to merchandise Denver everywhere from AdWeek to FutureLab. If you don’t see the benefit of getting your name in a book like that, you are welcome to not enter.

I’ve only commented on one thread that I know of. On this thread my comments weren’t about the 50 itself but the comments made about a particular agency, Factory.

I appreciate what you’re doing to merchandise Denver. I hope it works to the benefit of all.

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