The Denver 50: Rumor #1

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We got an obscure email from the New Denver Ad Club today asking that we tell everyone to go check out this site on YouTube and watch the first video they’ve posted. They’ve assured us there’s more unraveling to come. Stay tuned.


Lost in all the great press for the Denver 50 is a big thank you to Jeff Martin at Mighty Karma. The Denver 50 was his idea in a round table discussion. He may not even remember but we owe Jeff one.

Really? There were a lot of people at that initial roundtable. Is that how you the rest of you in attendance remember it?

I wasn’t there. but i do remember hearing way back when about Jeff Martin’s wacky new ad show idea. Regardless, it’s been a nice collaboration since then and lots of hard work from lots of peeps got if off the ground and running.

Success has many fathers. Gregg Bergan deserves lots of credit. Bob Taber too, for spearheading the club in the first place. Both of those folks put 100+ of hours into the NDAC and TD50 2007.

Holly: I think you hit it on the head. It has been a great collaboration starting with a creative director’s summit at Dixon’s in he wake of the DAC’s collapse. This meeting, by my recollection, was organized by Norm Shearer and Tom Leydon, among others, and attended by myself, Mike Drazen, Steve Dolbinski, Steve Whittier, Cameron Bridges, Jeff Mason and a bunch of others I am neglecting. In other words, there were a lot of witnesses (and egos) in the room. Jeff may have been there, but I can’t remember for certain. I don’t think Jeff would claim ownership of the idea’s birth. But all that’s really beside the point. It is a great idea that would’ve never happened without the contribution of many.

I guess it’s true success has many parents while failure dies an orphan.

Oh, and at risk of sounding disingenuous, Matt deserves all the credit he has been given along the way. He put in more effort than anyone to drive the idea to completion.

and to the guy that kicked the shit outta all those 50 creatives for the cover.

wow a viral video. such a fresh idea. and it’s a teaser one. never seen that before either.

“disingenuous” SYN: whiny little bitch
SEE ALSO: What about me?

Meh. Did i mention, meh?

i’ve detergents that leave a better film

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