The Denver Egotist Sells Out

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* drum roll *

We are now charging for job postings.

* boo hiss *

The fact of the matter is that this site is a pain in the ass to keep up, and the advertising banners bring in just enough to throw an annual beer fest. So you’ll have to pardon us if we’re interested in enhancing the ROI on this baby.

We’re incredibly proud of the fact that we’ve placed a lot of people in this town into some amazing jobs, and we want to continue offering this great service to you guys on a regular basis. As such, we’ve made some basic updates to the Jobs section. Namely the listings are now in chronological order and the whole thing is a bit more orderly in the way it’s laid out.

$50 for 30 days worth of exposure to thousands of local brains on a daily basis. We call that a pretty good deal; we hope you do too.


There’s always Craigs List

new motto. attempting to suck denver dry, daily. perhaps if you guys spent less time posting the latest lame youtube videos, you’d have more time to post jobs and other shit people actually care about. i don’t know of any job sites that actually charge for a post, let alone $50 a pop. good luck seeing a cent.

and i guess you could always post your job listing in the comments. just make sure it’s filled with obligatory hate toward the blog you were apparently reading to begin with.

Seems fair to me.

P.S. I find your banner ads offensive and pathetic. You’re talking about design yet all the banners you have are hideous and irrelevant to the content of this site.


Can you really call yourself a sell out when you’re in the business (advertising) of putting yourself out there to gain an audience and then making money off of that audience? Isn’t that kind of what we do for a living? Really, it makes sense to me. And since I ain’t posting job openings I don’t really give a shit. Some people just wanna hate, that’s all.

AFW – We couldn’t agree more. In fact, we’ve taken down the ads altogether.

Wow, you guys rock. That’s all it took? Shit, wish I would have said something sooner.

The crappy money they pay isn’t worth the crappy eyesore they create. Cheers.

ADCD charges to place classified ads too.. nothing new. Somebody has to keep the lights on.

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