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Would the director of this commercial (along with any Denver creatives involved) please step forward and allow us to beat your pock-marked faces with this year’s One Show annual? The spot is for Denver’s Anti-Gym if you haven’t seen it. If you want to know more about the place, check out this link to read the story from January’s issue of 5280. And in the meantime, IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT’S HOLY DON’T GIVE YOUR MONTHLY DUES TO THESE DOUCHE BAGS. That is all, carry on.


The funny thing is, this is probably one of the more viral campaigns in circulation right now.

People hate it, but people talk about it like no other. I’m undecided I guess. From the interviews I have seen of this guy on national news shows, I think deep down, he actually cares, and is trying to provide a worthy service…I just don’t know that he has to be so belligerent and offensive in the process.

I also wonder what some true creatives in this town could do with the brand strategy like this. It would certainly be interesting.

My take here

“One of the more viral campaigns in circulation right now.”

Call me a skeptic, but it take little stock in this being an accurate metric for people actually liking it. I simply refer to Josh Spear and the way he openly admits to paying people to inflate the numbers on viral campaigns.

I second the Egotists call to not “GIVE YOUR MONTHLY DUES TO THESE DOUCHE BAGS.” If he truly cares about the health of others, there are better ways to go about it. It’s stupid, it’s degrading and there is no redeeming quality to this type of work. All it can do is harm us as a society. I put it in the same category as Fox’s “The Moment of Truth”. Sheer shock at someone else’s expense. And I say GROW UP.

He sure is overcompensating for something…

The other ads are on their website.. gotta love it..

Heck, from their website, if you use their gym, you too can pull panties off with your teeth.

From their site:
A “chubby” is not necessarily someone with a spare tire or thunder thighs, it’s an unmotivated, lazy slob who wants to blame everybody else but themselves for their shortcomings. Anti-Gym turns chubbies into champions, breaking through the victim mindset to teach effort and self-accountability as the way to a healthy body and great lifestyle. We have many clients who are overweight at first, but they cease to be chubbies the moment they decide to do something about it.

The key to changing bad habits is developing healthy ones, and our Lifestyle Consultants stand behind you every step of the way offering coaching and encouragement. We are there for you even when you don’t want us – 6 AM wakeup calls, extra cardio for that pizza you accidentally inhaled, public ridicule when you are slacking. You don’t have a “thyroid problem”, you just need to MENTALCIZE while you exercise.

A close relative of the chubby is the bearded lady, click here for the warning signs.

Wow this is just awful in so many ways its hard to know where to start. I worked as a personal trainer through part of highschool and college. I even competed in bodybuilding as a teen. I worked with a lot of people with disabilities and with people who had never even visited a gym before. You have to be extra sensitive and really nurture people to get them on their feet and start looking at themselves in a new way when they first decide to start going to the gym.

I think these ads really prey upon the most sensitive aspects of someone’s insecurity and it is really pathetic. I can’t think of a worse way to go about it.

We live in a rough and tumble bullshit world, especially in America, that worships and idolizes youth. It’s no country for old men, so to speak and it’s a horrible place to be overweight. The irony is that so many people are because our food, by and large is shit. You have to teach yourself not to eat so much of the garbage that accounts for food out their and the constant advertising of it doesn’t help. It’s the only country in the world where the poor people are fat and the rich are skinny.

Anyway, I really think these ads are tragic, and taking this direction couldn’t be more off the mark. Douche bag sounds pretty appropriate to me.

I like it. People are talking and it’s getting a lot of publicity. Will it become mainstream? Maybe, maybe not. Is it a fad? In this country, definitely. It is different though and for people that have tried different things on their own, it might benefit them to be pushed harder for a bit.

I find it refreshing and encouraging that in this age or politically correct everything, this saw the light of day and some people can take it.

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