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We recently received an email from Epiphany Graphics, a local freelance web design shop which delivers fresh creative concepts coded to the latest web standards.

We don’t know about you guys, but it seems odd that a firm specializing in custom web design would be using an off-the-shell delivery mechanism for their entire portfolio. What’s the deal, fellas?


Custom web design doesn’t necessarily mean a customized flash portfolio. Hundreds of great companies that aren’t flash intensive (or that support lean standards-compliant goals) use solutions like SlideShowPro, Lightbox, etc.

That’s weak.

Honestly, I looked through the work, and the client list, and didn’t really see anything worth writing home about.

Nothing was horrid, or unprofessional, it just didn’t come off as a feature worthy agency.

I think the egotist brings up a good point on this one, but it isn’t one that I see Epiphany falling into. (Unless the egotist can shed some further light.)

If you are a shop who touts “custom web design” then no, i they should be called to the carpet for using Websites-in-a-box software. It goes to the level of ethicacy we want to hold ourselves to as agencies. There are plenty of shops who represent themselves as more than they really are. This market is fraught with PR shops who tell clients they do branding, and the such. It turns of clients to working woth agencies when these “professionals” can’t deliver on their promises and makes life more difficult for those of us who really know what they are doing.

That said, I don’t put Epiphany in this category. Nowhere on their site (that I could find) did they use the phrase “Custom web design” (or “custom web solutions”). They represent themselves straight forward as designers. Even their name carries this through, it’s “Epiphany Graphics” not “Epiphany Internet Solutions”.

Now if they sent you something that claimed they were custom web designers, I would possibly be swayed to change my opinion. Until then, I say valid topic, just not for this shop.

I’m not sure I’m gonna miss Denver…

Hack – we’re just going off the description they sent us: “freelance web design shop which delivers fresh creative concepts coded to the latest web standards.”

“Coded to the latest web standards” being something that requires both custom coding and a decent amount of web aptitude.

Not that a flash-viewer isn’t standards-compliant, but it’s not the kind of thing you would expect from a web shop. It’s like a print shop getting their portfolio printed at Kinkos.

I was formulating my impression from their website, but if that is the elevator pitch they are using, then you have a good point.

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