Moxie Sozo: The World's Greenest Agency

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Moxie Sozo has gone the way of the world before anyone else in our Talk Now, Do Later industry. The Boulder firm has become the world’s first known graphic design and advertising agency to be zero waste, carbon neutral and powered by 100% renewable energy. You gotta dig the integrity and discipline it takes.

Equally stunning in our minds is a fact we continue to read and reread in disbelief every time we see it. Since 1999, Moxie Sozo has not lost a client. Maybe these guys have karma all figured out.


that’s really impressive. i understand the how the carbon neutral and 100% renewable energy works but i can not fathom how they could get to zero waste.

i’d love to hear more and get a little more insight into this. the website only touches on it.

Yeah. I am super interested how a studio on the Pearl St. Mall is running that program.

If any of you are interested in a true story of waste community, check out this link. A lot of interesting things are happening in places the US is degrading.
See it here:

Waste Free, rather…

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