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We don’t know what dingy bar all the Denver art directors are passed out in, but this is the first one we’re talking about in nearly six months of running this site. And we’ll be damned if he ain’t cooking up some serious bangers and mash. Terry O’Leary is his name, and he’s played ball with the big dogs in the big apple – including OgilvyNY, DDBNY and BozellNY. (You’d drool over his client list.)

We appreciate that he can convey a concept with purity and without having to over-decorate. Oh yeah, he was in The Denver 50 last month too, which few others can boldly tout. He’s searching for freelance or a full-time place to sit every day. We’re adding him to our list of Recommended Talent. What can you do for him, Denver?


Way to show the love to Terry, Ego’s. He’s the real deal and an experienced pro in an industry that often values piercings over provenance.

Terry’s got skills. And the best thing about him is he’s not resting on his NY resume. All three of the ads displayed, Terry created here, in Denver. Terry’s always trying to make the next project better than the last. Anyone who’s looking for a senior art director ought to check out his book.

I was Terry’s writer partner for a year or so and he’s one of the best art director’s I’ve ever worked with.

TO is definitely one of the most talented art directors I’ve met. He’s also easy to work with…wait did an account person just admit that???

I was Terry’s creative director for the past four years, and his mind, his passion and his aesthetic honesty were a joy to behold (and a pleasure to take credit for).

I dunno. Looks ancient. I could be wrong.

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