Your New Year's Resolution

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Sure, that chubby tire around your middle needs a little attention in ’08. And that smoking habit should be nipped in the bud before you’re up to a carton a day. But let’s talk seriously about the most important New Year’s resolution of all: sending your best work to us in 2008.

Factory does it. TDA does it. Sukle does it. Texture does it. You can do it too, we know you can. Get the intern on it and make a habit of it (just like all those cigarettes you suck down). The benefits are huge and the downsides simply aren’t there. Try it. The results are paying dividends for those willing to play this game with us.


Unfortunately, I have already decided that my new year’s resolution is 1920×1200.

But I plan to have some pieces ready for anonymous ridicule and critique in the first quarter of ’08.


Well said Mr Mease.

Ah mine would be to launch my new Wordpress powered website and blog in the first quarter. God help me.

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