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Breaking this month in student newspapers at CU and as wild posting, this new work created for Boulder’s campus Jewish organization, Hillel Colorado, by TDA Advertising & Design, aims to build interest in and attendance at the organization’s Holocaust Awareness Week, February 25–28 (admission free).

From their press release:

The intentionally understated ad appears at first glance to show nothing more than a library book’s tattered spine. A closer look reveals that the book is “the Diary of Anne Frank,” and a closer look still reveals that the librarian has classified the Nazi era autobiographical classic as “Fiction.” At the ad’s bottom a headline reads, “Millions of Americans don’t believe there was a Holocaust.”

CD/Copy: Jonathan Schoenberg
CD: Thomas Dooley
AD/Photo: Will Geddes


Love the black space. You don’t see that very often. DRAMA. Nice work.

Nice creative, but do millions of Americans besides Bobby Fischer and a few thousand extremists really believe there was no Holocaust?

I think the Egotist had some spots earlier from MTV, educating about the horrors of the Holocaust. I think there’s a suggestion that as older generations move along and new ones come into the fray, the events of World War 2 are vanishing. They become lost on a younger crowd, and the organization is trying to illustrate that atrocities like this can happen if power slips into the wrong hands. Many third-world nations experience alarming states of genocide, even as we read this.


Seems like the typical visual solution good for awards shows and student books.

Nothing really surprising.

I can’t believe with a subject like the Holocaust this is the best TDA could come up with.The design is so typical. Looks like the tea ads they posted awhile back.
Ad design 101. I agree with HB. Meh.

Typical TDA. Yet another visual gag. With subject matter like this I would have expected more from most smart agencies…TDA just seems concerned with doing a typical solve. Change the record TDA, you guys should be better than this.

From a different position, looking at Jay’s idea about younger generations being removed from the issue by time, if the point of this work is to recreate awareness, how many of these kids will know what The Diary of Anne Frank is about? If they don’t, then this piece is ineffectual.

I like it. its clever. You ad guys take yourselves way too seriously.

That’s the point.

If you were a computer nerd, you wouldn’t give a peer props for repeatedly coming up with the Mac IIci over and over.

We must push each other or risk becoming irrelevant

That’s a really good insight, Hack Boy. Hmmm. Who is the audience for the piece?

The audience is show judges.

Vastly less people know about Anne Frank than the Holocaust.

It is clever. But so what? Advertising is supposed to be about communication and response. Not patting ourselves on the back for coming up with some nice visual play. I think the ad judges are going to see, at some point, that this is not a business about art and design; it’s about motivation.

So if, on one hand, you award whore, you suck. And if you do spot-on creative that sells but isn’t CA/One Show worthy, you suck. And if you do sucky work, well then you really suck.

This is a handsome ad that has a point of view and a unique way to show it.

Here’s a brief defense of what I think is a lovely ad.

I believe that most school kids are forced to read Anne Frank. At the time you read Anne Frank, (5th thru 8th grade) you are at your most idealistic/least cynical phase. They choose this time so you can identify with Anne. By putting the Fiction label on a book that strikes such an emotional chord, this simple ad touches me.

My question is why Hillel would run a “Holocaust Denier” ad? Hillel is campus organization. Of course, I can’t read the body copy, but maybe they make the spin to joining other Jews on campus. Or maybe not.

But if the strategy was to create a moving ad that identifies the growing problem of Holocaust Denial, well then I think it’s a winner.

that it is studenty isn’t what bothers me. as a matter of fact, i do like the subtlety of the payoff. what i take issue with is the headline. is holocaust denial really an issue or is holocaust awareness? the fact that the majority of teenagers in america do not know what “the holocaust” refers to is more shocking than people denying it ever happened. If anything, that headline seems a bit devisive and almost sends an “us vs. them” message.

And I agree with AppleZ, I don’t quite understand why Hillel would run the ad. If the goal is to raise holocaust awareness, I hardly think Jews need to be reminded.

if i’m not mistaken, the ad is aimed at the student body at CU. looks like something that would stand out from your usual “housing wanted” flyers. problem solved.

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