Denver Rescue Mission Outdoor Via Cultivator

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With the assistance of Denver photographer John Johnston, Cultivator has just launched a three-part campaign for the Denver Rescue Mission. The agency went out to various shelters and shot portraits of 143 actual homeless men, women and children.

In phase one of the effort, the photographs are composed into the word “Homeless.” Over the coming weeks, some portraits will be removed so eventually the sign will just read “Home” – in keeping with what the Denver Rescue Mission hopes to accomplish for its clients. The effort runs across 29 city and highway billboards, 20 bus stops and posters to be put up in over 100 area churches.

CD: Tim Abare
AD/Designer: Heather Hoyt
CW: Sarah Sibley
Photo: John Johnston, Denver


Do the photos in the “less” become the photos in the “home?” I’m lost. I’m probably overthinking this or underthinking this. Or not thinking at all, possibly. It’s not a visual pun off the words “home” and “less” is it? Have the “less” people died? Have the people in the word “home” had a home all along? HELP!

Your giving = less people homeless, thanks to the Denver Rescue Mission. Comes through loud and clear. Drove by this board last week before it was posted up here and got it right away. Nice work, Cultivator.

Really nice idea.

I’m with David. I think this is can be interpreted a couple ways, which confuses me.

Is the Denver Rescue Mission the HOME? Or is it the more people who give helps people not be homeless.

There is a seed of a great idea here, but I don’t think this execution is entirely clear. Maybe this isn’t the right client to use this idea with. Or maybe it isn’t the right medium for this execution.

I totally agree with Hack Boy on this. The seed of a great idea but it somehow gets lost in the translation. I remember seeing this and being confused by it before. They probably could have done this idea without the photos and with type that fades in the sun over time. Would have been simpler and less confusing. There were probably other solutions for this message. But it is the seed of a great idea.

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