An Art Bomb Blows

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There’s a ton of sick artwork up all over town right now courtesy of the talented individuals who have invaded along with Obama. We’ll call them Obama’s posse. Anyway, keep ‘em peeled as you cruise around for some well-needed artistic flavor finally on the streets of Denver. If you take any shots of what you see, send them our way and we’ll post them up. (Editor’s note: some of the shots we’ve posted have been borrowed from other sites and individuals in an attempt to create the ultimate archive of street art from the DNC. Thanks, people.)


while I’m all for street art, I’m not sure what this does for the cause in the greater culture.

Cause? Greater Culture?

What are you talking about. The manifest show was for marketing. Notice how the hours of the show aren’t even conducive for the average person to see the show. 10-5 Mon-Thurs? I don’t know anyone who has those hours free.

Alex— WHAT?! Of course it’s for marketing, it’s a presidential campaign! Quit whining, call Faivs, and go see some good art you whiny poop face.

(…or I’ll put wheat in your sushi?)

Good to see Shepard Fairey has brought his particular brand of unlicensed thievery to town. Or maybe, should poetic justice be served, it’s just someone ripping him off.

i’m not entirely sure what SS+K is doing for obama. but i have a feeling we’re looking at it.

the greater culture is being catered to by the bores at GMMB.

i can think of a few things speaking to disaffected voters (the target of the street actions) would accomplish. first and foremost—getting them off their asses. we’re watching a non-traditional rock the vote level mobilization, and i think it’s awesome.

the 21-35 yr olds are buzzin 4 sure.

i was in philly during the primaries. just wait till both major players are in town… if this is a contest state.

wasn’t speaking of the show, but the wheat pasting etc. The choir is believing, its the middle of the road’ers that may be put off by this ‘graffiti’.

I think the manifest show is a good thing

graffiti? wow dude, you sure are denver.

some people might call it public art.

I dig the lincolnobamarainbow poster. The others, not as fresh.

Brian, reread my comments. BTW, I don’t live in denver. I live in Nederland. And I’m from san francisco, a place where street art is much more excepted. I was deeply involved in the art scene there. I support free expression and street art.

Also notice the quotes around ‘graffiti’. There are many who believe street art is just vandalism, I am not one of them. Let me say it again. I am all for street art. And love seeing it.

What I’m saying is that while young obama supporters will be happy to see this, the middle of the road undecided voter and condservatives who we are trying to win over could be put off by this kind of thing. It is easy to think that everyone loves art in all it forms including street art but sadly that not the case. Thes people may be put off by this type of action.

how fun. my first TDE “fight.” hehehehe.

the street art hasn’t been covered by media other than blogs.

it’s aimed directly at “kids,” and unless it hits an undecided’s building, they are not going to notice it.

it’s like placing an ad in juxtapose.

hardly a fight. I think you just jumped the gun there killer. ;)

Anyone seen something on 14th Avenue? Maybe near Stout?

Amazing, bring some of this drastic propaganda over to the UK ASAP.

really good to see this beauty adorning the walls of my old city. wish I could be back to see it.

That scares the living sh*t out of me.

Did anyone see the space invader tile piece at colfax and speer?

Got pics?

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