Jerry Seinfeld Officially on Microsoft's Side of the Fence

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Okay, now we’re confident this is part of Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s effort. From The Huffington Post:

Microsoft Corp., weary of being cast as a stodgy oldster by Apple Inc.‘s advertising, is turning for help to Jerry Seinfeld.

The software giant’s new $300 million advertising campaign, devised by a newly hired ad agency, has been closely guarded. But Mr. Seinfeld will be one of the key celebrity pitchmen, say people close to the situation. He will appear with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates in ads and receive about $10 million for the work, they say.

The new ad effort is expected to use some variation of the slogan “Windows, Not Walls,” according to several people familiar with the matter. Those people say the point is to stress breaking down barriers that prevent people and ideas from connecting. The campaign, said to debut Sept. 4, is one of the largest in the company’s history.

Good spokesman or bad for Microsoft??


Bad. I’m sick of Jerry. He’s done.

If they’re trying to not appear to be a stodgy oldster why are they hiring Seinfeld? The show he’s famous for ended a decade ago, and he’s done very little since.


yeah, definitely isn’t going to connect with young people. I use Windows and Mac and I don’t think either is significantly better than the other, but with Microsoft continually making terrible advertising/design decisions they are going to keep losing customers. oh well.

if i have to hear my roommate say hellooooooooooooo! one more time i will punch her. i hope M$ doesn’t bring back his old sayings either or I will punch CPB.

that’s assuming they want to connect with young people. perhaps the goal is to make the current pc buyer feel less dorky for liking PCs in the first place. if that’s so, why not get the everyman to sell to the everyman? there is a significant part of the tragically un-hip population (pretty much everyone outside of the advertising, design, academic, urban and creative communities)who love their PCs almost as much as they love their seinfeld box sets.

i have to agree with Patrick. MS isn’t about the young cool and hip. it’s about the working stiffs & businesses that run on MS products. The need someone they feel comfortable with selling them on something they use daily. Jerry fits the bill – they aren’t looking to have the latest and greatest.

often when i’m at a loss on an ad i see, i stop and consider if i’m their target demographic, often i’m not and those who are, do indeed respond well to the ad.

I agree too, but that is certainly short sighted. If they choose a campaign that only appeals to an older generation, a few decades from now it will be gameover.

The fact that everyone’s speculating on this is absurd. Just wait and see. Yes, the article did say that Microsoft is “weary of being cast as the stodgy oldster,” but who knows how they intend on using Seinfeld in the ads. Maybe they’ll show him getting shot by Seth Rogen. Kinda like, “out with the old, in with the new.” Kinda like the Denver 50 stuff.

Way too early to tell anything yet. As “Question Mark” says, who knows how CP&B will use him (well, other than CP&B).

Didn’t Jerry always have a Mac in his apartment?

Isn’t it part of our job to speculate?

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