In Happier News... Cactus is Rocketing Upward

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In our experience, you either love or hate government accounts. The downside is jumping through a lot of hoops to get the accounts. But if you become an agency that understands how to hit those hoops and then do brilliant work to back up your credentials, as Denver’s Cactus has done, government accounts can be an extremely lucrative and healthy way to grow a shop. The contracts typically last three years and the budgets are safely locked in, shielding you from peaks and valleys in agency revenue and from a client pulling the plug on your retainer mid-stream.

Yesterday, Cactus announced that they’ve been selected as the agency of record for the Center for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Winning the new CDPHE business is big for Cactus, which has doubled its staff and revenue in the last two years, quickly approaching $20 million in client billings. Last August, Cactus won the significant Colorado Lottery account and continues to grow relationships with clients including University of Colorado Hospital and Westwood College.

As a result of the win, they’re hiring quality individuals – so send your stuff over if you feel you’re worthy. Congrats to the entire Cactus staff. Nice to hear some positive Denver agency news in the midst of McClain Finlon’s passing.


Congrats Cactus!

and yes, I applied earlier last week. ;)

Do great work and great things happen. Congrats, Cactus.

Does this mean they’d finally be hiring people that would produce their own work? It’s always a little awkward to see “idea shop” agencies take credit for the whole package. Hopefully they’ll reach the “full package” status now.

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