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Let it be known that we love and respect the work of Cactus. But, apparently, the folks at Adrants don’t quite feel the same. They were none too pleased when the agency recently sent out their new Colorado Lottery spot for blog coverage along with the following legalese highlighted in red:

Please note that this spot can only be promoted online through Oct. 6. Starting Oct. 7, this spot must be pulled from all websites, or responsible parties may be subject to talent usage fees. If you have any questions, please contact Cactus PR Director Ashley Boyden at 303-455-7545.

For some reason, the spot was posted twice on Adrants by two separate editors, both with a similar reaction to the request.

Read ‘em:
And here.


My guess here is that Cactus needs to be blamed less, and SAG needs to be blamed more.

Yeah, although if Adrants (the #6 ad blog in the world) is busting their chops for it, it’s a pretty absurd and rare request to ask a blog promoting your work to take down a post after its already gotten you a PR bang. It’s weak, no matter who is to blame.

Oh, come on. Pull the stick out. It’s clearly CYA legalease. I doubt anyone at Cactus actually wants it to be taken down, but they need to be covered legally for what could be significant additional talent costs and SAG fines. It may be “weak” but in this business, it is also quite “necessary.”

I thought you might have been in this biz long enough to realize that.

As we said, with the thousands of requests Adrants receives every year to post work, they never receive a request to remember to take it down two months down the road. No matter how you slice it, requests like this will not encourage sites to continue posting work from an agency that becomes a thorn in their side. It’s not about understanding this business, which we know full well. It’s about agencies understanding the audience they’re looking for free PR from and making it as simple as possible for those sites to feature the work. Remember, ad blogs don’t have to put up every piece they receive and they can easily choose to permanently blackball an agency. Mutual respect is what’s needed.

Hmm. I kinda like this conversation. And, as you pointed out, chiding them once wasn’t enough. We like to be as complete as possible in our reporting. You should have seen the double Doublemint Twins piece we did years ago:-)

Next thing..

Dear Communication Arts,

Please remove all printed copies of our campaign in your award book. We only have rights to show it for two months. Please have all your subscribers burn their copies or tear out the offending pages…


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