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By chance, two separate sites designed here in Denver have been featured as a CA webpick of the day over the last couple weeks. Fat claps to both.

On 07.29.08, CommArts chose the Crocs Cities by Foot site as their pick of the day, developed in partnership by Red Robot and Motive.

On 08.12.08, CommArts chose the Riverfront Park site as their pick of the day, developed by FL2.


Not really sure what the hell Crocs was looking to do here. Why the hell I want to go through a website that has no real product info and see cities I am not going to. What are these agencies thinking. As if people on the web care about a product enough to use a website like that. Lame waste of money

Hey, if people can spend $400k on a 700 sq ft loft, then they can spend cash on extraneous web sites as well.

Crocs site feels too compartmentalized. And it seems like it wants to be fun, but wasn’t fully committed. A few bright colored elements and random dotted lines on top of a lot of web 2.0 white and grey rounded rectangles. I think it could have used some more color.

Really like the illustrations on the FL2 site. Plus, they continue to make flash sites that make me wish that I was as good as them.

Wow, I can’t understand why a shoe company would want to promote walking in cool cities and talk to locals, just doesn’t make any sense at all. I guess if I ever traveled anyplace I would find some interesting stuff here but since I don’t travel I cant see why a brand would want to help the consumer with anything useful, so strange. I wish crocs would have hired me to more print ads or 30 second media spots. The internet is so 1990s.

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