Defend Denver T-Shirt

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You know how the weed you buy funds some terrorist organization in some far off place? Well, now you can fund a terrorist organization right here in Denver. By buying one of these T-shirts. According to Demver, Westword’s DNC blog, a few local anarchists who are helping coordinate planned disruptions of the convention have been raising funds by selling off these militant tees.

Grab your gas mask and head down to Fabric Lab next week to buy your own. Or wait for the week of the DNC to get them at a booth that will be set up in Civic Center Park next to slumbering bums.


I always wondered where this concept started. I’ve seen it repeated a ton, right down to the assualt rifle graphic. Originally thought it started with the brandwashed crew in MA (defend allston, defend jamaica plain) but I’m not sure..

Does anyone know?

Just curious.

Saw the shirt on the news the other day during a story on the protestors. Didn’t realize that it was a widespread thing.

Liked the Defend Cleveland graphic better:

I like the Denver one better. Where can I get one?

Someone handed me a “Defend Colfax” sticker today with the same graphics.

dubs, is that you?

a direct ripoff of the Defend Brooklyn shirts –

Try googling any “defend blablabla” This isn’t a new phenomenon, but the Denver one is gold on black and tells the reader to, among other things, “steal their shit,” which is awesome.

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