The Clink for DNC Protesters

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Since Denver’s jails are already overflowing with creeps and weirdos (wonderful), the city has developed an alternative plan if mass arrests happen at the Democratic National Convention. This northeast Denver warehouse owned by the city has been outfitted with dozens of metal cages made of chain link fence and topped by rolls of barbed wire. Watch out, bad men. Obama comin’ to your town.

More story here.


Guantanamo west.

Gitmo on the Plate Location.
Click my name to see map.

This is where the county used to store the voting machines. They removed all the machines and started putting up fences with the “help” of the Youth Offenders Work Program.
Two days ago they loaded in all the riot gear.
This facility has minimal toilets (no more than 2 toilets & 2 urinals), NO Air conditioning or swamp coolers. Still contains asbestos insulation. Internal temperatures can get extremely hot without some sort of cooling or cross breeze.
This is an enterprise zone surrounded by various businesses. It is not suitable for housing humans for any amount of time.

as long as there’s a curb to break protesters teeth out, I’m ok with it

Gitmo on the Platte Update:


8/13/08 6:10pm
Hickenlooper press release
He says:“Water, bathrooms, phones and medical staff will be available in the air-conditioned processing center”

8/14/08 11:20am
Sure Cool air-conditioning unit shows up.

Gitmo on the Platte Update:


Semi truck shows up and unloads what appears to be gray-steel isolation cages.


2 security camera domes have been mounted on either end of the north-side of the building. I assume on the south-side too, where there is a public park. (Schafer Park)

Park View

Wow, this makes me so mad I could explode. So much for free speech in this country. That is one more constitutional right you can wipe away. How many do we have left now? It’s like losing points on your license. After too many are gone, you can’t drive anymore. I think we have reached that point and it makes me sick. This isn’t the America I was born in.

I am currently in Brasil right now traveling and it may be 3rd world down here but they are a hell of a lot more free down here than we are. No one hassled me at the airports. I even got a warm meal on every flight and you can even drink (booze) on the plane for free.

I am dreading the cold blanket of stress and fear that America throws over you the second you cross back into it’s borders. It’s palbale now. You can feel it lift when you leave the country.


8/20/08 2:51pm
Be sure not to miss the Port-O-Potty parade.
20 portable jons just showed up.
Sure hope they don’t plan on putting those inside…(STINKY)
Sure hope they don’t plan on putting those outside…(prisoners will never get to use um)
Hmmm… maybe the pots are just for the fat-ass occifers.

Oh my… they are putting them inside.
25 toilets by my count.

They still have to put the juice in… I wonder if it’ll be Formaldehyde or Bronopol.

So far there is NO ventilation from the little poo chimneys to the outside.

It’s gonna get pretty ripe in there.

Wait… Are these things safe for indoor use? Fumes and what not…

Funny how they roll in the crappers after all the media left. There was a tour today and some more mock protesters.

More to come.

Side note:
Came across this while in search of wether or not chemical toilets are safe for indoor use.

Awesome… Now women can pee standing up too.

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