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We’re a day late (or two) on this one. But have you read the latest piece on Colorado’s Let’s Talk Colorado tourism campaign from Westword’s Patricia Calhoun? Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Check it out.

(Thanks for the link, Katie.)


You have to give it to MMG Worldwide. What better way to bolster Missouri’s tourism effort than steal other state’s accounts and push ridiculous stereotypes that make them look like backwards cow states.

Wosrt. Site. Evaaar…. T-shirts are very very stupid. I went to that site and have to say that I want the 5 minutes back from my life which were stolen from me.

I’ll be the first to say (and in fact have said before) that I am not a fan of this campaign. I don’t think it portrays the real Colorado. And the NY stunt was just atrocious, a not-terrible idea with terrible execution. However, I am not from Colorado originally and I wonder if these would make me want to visit. Honestly…maybe.

But if you want proof look at the numbers: all up significantly. I can’t definitively say that tourism has increased so far this year because of the advertising, but I also don’t believe in coincidence.

Do I like the ads? No. Do they appear to be doing their job? Yes.

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