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At The Egotist, we’re big fans of ad folks who do anything but advertising in their free time. That’s why we like The Hobo Nickels, a new band made up of three guys from McClain Finlon and a fourth member who is an engineer — we’re guessing he’s the brains of the outfit. They call the music “upbeat Americana,” which seems contrary to the cynical ad angst we enjoy so much but, hey, whatever man.

They’re playing a show Thursday night at Herman’s Hideaway. It’s an evening of bluegrass and Americana music. Check ‘em out. Print the ticket below, tell them you’re there to see The Hobo Nickels and the cover is only $3. We’ll be there. If we run into you, the first round of white wine spritzers is on us.


also, Friday night at Herman’s Hideaway be sure to check out Fina Dupa – cool guys with a awesome funkadelic sound.

fina dupa website

The Hobo Nickels do actually bring the goods. I saw “Upbeat Americana” and was all “omg hells no” but I must admit they tear the roof off whatever building they’re in, and then kindly repair the roof with skill and precision, and then TEAR THAT NEW ROOF OFF. It’s sort of wasteful, but a good night out.

House o’ Wigs – That is possibly the best review of a live performance I’ve ever read.

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