Vote for Your Favorite (Retarded) Fort Collins Logo

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A site has been set up by a designer in Fort Collins, we presume, to take logo submissions from the public for the city’s new mark, as well as to vote on the most preferred. The site was created in response to the outcry over the recent logo purchased by the city of which many in the community have said they’re capable of outshining. The submission deadline has closed, but you have 10 days left to vote on the logo of your choice on the site. And what a glorious selection it is.

View here.
Vote here.

(Thanks for the link, Gary.)


I like the Pepsi one. It refreshed me just looking at it.

Ha ha. Almost as bad as the candidates for the new Kansas personalized license plates

the citizens have spoken. They demand a goose.

I think half of these were submitted by the Honda/Acura Rice Rocket Club of Ft. Collins. What is the obsession with the Japanese sports car fonts?

Then, from the other half, most were inspired to take the current logo and make it uglier. Brilliant! But I would like to meet the 9-year old who created #6, he could have a career…

#7…Ha! That’s funny because no one’s snobbier than Boulder. Not possible. Not even the O.C. bitches are snobbier than the sum of Boulder.

Lastly, I too love the Pepsi ripoff. But I say if we’re gonna rip off then rip the best and do a Coke logo…oh wait, maybe that’s what that company in Tennessee was going for…

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