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Saw the announcement in the PVN section on Newstoday this morning that LeeReedy has a new site up. Surprisingly, the (sometimes painfully) critical audience on Newstoday had mostly positive things to say about it. And so do we. The voice at the beginning and the overall site design gives the shop a European feel. The work looks good, it’s displayed big and bold. The navigation is decent, but has a few issues. (Why are there arrows on the nav bar you can’t actually click to move through the site?) And the resizing of the browser window is royally inconvenient. Overall, though, it’s got The Egotist’s stamp of approval. Check it out for yourself.


Whoa! Hold on. What the hell is up with the british accent?!

No but seariuosly, that site and work is way better than I expected. Nice.

When did Lee Reedy start doing ads?

The voice is that of Stephen Dewey, owner of MachineHead (sound design company in LA)....

we all speak with british accents when in the office. it’s a requirement of the job. although mine is more kiwi than brit.

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