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In our search for local flavor, we stumbled across some spice. Recently wandering in from the land of the OC, art director/illustrator/print/web/gaming designer/holy shit wish we did that artistic master Brian Edward Miller has entered the Colorado bloodstream and is ready to blow the roof off. Here are some of his illustrations if his book doesn’t make you jealous enough.

And for those of you who keep asking us how we think a portfolio site should be structured, this is it. No dopey navigation, gadgetry or tiny thumbnails getting in the way of seeing the work – front and center. Then again, when it’s this good, there’s no need to hide behind anything else. What can the newest designer added to our Recommended Talent list do for you?


Brian Miller is the man! An uber-good arteeest, who does not have skinny fat.

i can’t let this go. why in the hell is the car flipped in every target racing piece but one? with the amount of logos and type on the side of that car not to mention the f’n huge 41, how on earth can you think you can get way with that? that is beyond amature and possibly an explaination.

what’s up with the dude in the bmw stuff? and it’s the exact same shot every time. i’m confused.

i also have questions about this being the quintessential portfolio site. but i don’t have time to get into it too deep. who is site built for? is it to get work fom design studios and agencies or is it to bring in client? or both?

there is also a lot of functionality issues and navagation issues once you dig in to the site. it’s clear it’s straight to the point but it could use some ironing out.

i like the illustration work on deviant art. it reminds me of jamie hewlett’s work (tank girl and gorillaz). no doubt there is lot’s of tallent seeping out of mr. brian edward miller. the glue cap head guy in the white dress-shorty and tie is kick fuckin dick.

xzibit and snoop master cards? is that for real?

Hey Ian

Thanks for the comments. The Target racing comps were done in a day or two and the image is FPO (for placement only). With that type of mood board / presentation the images aren’t meant to be anything final – its just to get the overall mood / tone / etc. Same thing with the BMW stuff. Those were mood boards done in one night.

The point of the site is just to show the work – so when potential employers ask “can we see samples of your work?” I can send them there.

Thanks for the compliments on the illustration work!

Those snoop and xzibit cards are real as ridiculous as it seems. Mastercard did an entire series of cards with different bands. Odd.

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