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Nice to see some familiar and unfamiliar faces in the Print Regional Design Annual that just landed on our desks. The set-up for Colorado’s section, the Rest of the West, explains what’s going on in the industry here pretty well with a quote from independent designer Chirag Ahir, “You don’t see designers working 12 hours a day.” We’d add that the ones who are working that much are likely the ones appearing in the book. Nice work from all who got in. Here’s the list.

Cameron Christopher Thomas Advertising
Sukle Advertising + Design
TDA Advertising & Design
Jay Vollmar, Illustrator
Chirag Ahir, Designer
Factory Design Labs
The Katalina Group
Mayfire Marketing
Ellen Bruss Design
Liquid Inc.
Reed Hill


Any samples of what got in for each agency/firm?

Might have to pick up the mag yourself, Lee. A lot of the work isn’t up on these shops’ sites yet. It’s worth grabbing a copy just to compare CO to the rest of the country.

Still irks me that we’re Rest of the West, lumped in with Honolulu and Salt Lake City.

Tennessee even gets its own section.

One interesting note: our section is certainly the most advertising-driven compared to the rest of the annual

That Rest of the West thing happened last year too. Colorado had its own section in ’05. What happened in the meantime?

I think there’s just a lack of submissions from Colorado. If everyone on your talent list sends stuff in next time I’m sure there will be a great Denver section.

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