Messin' With Sasquatch Site from Xylem CCI

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If you’re a fan of the commercials from Carmichael Lynch, you’ll get a kick out of this microsite that deepens the joy and hilarity of Messin’ With Sasquatch.

Created by Xyelm CCI (who also has a punchy new face for their corporate site), the Jack’s Links microsite is full of entertaining games, lost commercial footage, wallpaper downloads and more. A nice online extension to a memorable campaign.


Xylem created this before there was a CCI after the name. Creation Chamber peeps had nothing to do with this brilliant site. This site is a perfect example of the exceptional work that was happening at Xylem before the earth opened up and swallowed the company.

companies merge, companies change, companies live and they die, just like people. let it go. start your own company and don’t worry so much about what others are up to or were up to or will be up to. sheesh.

Let what go? That’s a fair comment made by someone making an accurate observation. What’s wrong with that? In this tiny city of ours a merger and subsequent implosion of a creative group like Xylem is a pretty big deal. We can’t talk about it? We are accused of living in the past? Each time someone mentions Xylem it sparks off a pissing match in here. Why don’t YOU let it go and leave people alone. The comment feature is here for readers to say what’s on their minds or correct the info in an original post. Period. Go bully another forum, I think some of the Furries sites need a smack down.

Hahaha. Awesome.

The creativity at Xylem hasn’t been “swallowed up.” People will say what they want but the creative its still alive and kicking.

Good to hear, I hope that is true. We will all know soon enough I guess.

jebus that is some old ass news. i remember when john gilbert pooped and the site was what came out.

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